The Event That Changed Everything
From Victim to Victor
Take the journey with Marvin as he is instructed in the KT3 system. Learn as Master Wong guides him through the basics and on through the four pillars of his lethal style of Kung Fu Tactics 3. A style that will guide not only Marvin but you yourself to become more than you ever thought possible!

Surprise, Speed, and Direct Violent Action thrust him into the dark and perilous world he never knew existed. A place where back alley gyms, high tech gadgetry, and secret doorways and passages come flooding into his world.
Journey with Marvin side by side as destiny guides him to the Event That Changed Everything! Welcome to KT3. Welcome to the future.
90% of Martial Artists don't know about this secret! 
"Bullying Leads to 'Terrible, Terrible Things"
Who Should Grab This Book?
Anyone who wants to over come bullying, Self-confidence, or self-awareness.
Want to live with confidence for the rest of your life? 
You need to read this book to overcome your fear.
What readers say

“In my almost 50 years in the Martial Arts I have never had much time for fictional books. However, What I found most appealing about The Event was elements that are uniquely realistic. The section on ‘’ KT3 is truly inspirational. I find it
really inspiring to read books by people who have LIVED and LEARNED This Book Is A Must Read that kept me intrigued from start to finish.”
- Grand Master Ewan C Briscoe 8th Dan"

@Ewan C Briscoe

“For a character driven story, I loved it!. You’re immediately drawn into the worlds of the people portrayed, This is a look at people in extraordinary circumstances and how they behave, plus the sometimes hard choices they have to make in the friendships and relationships that prevail. The characters we meet and their stories are set incredibly well. The book is very savvy in the way it portrays how the Martial Arts systems of today can assist in the World of the Anti Bullying story telling.
The characters, their interactions and what happens to them brings a visceral realism.”I highly recommend this book!
- Master Ermar ‘Alex’ Alexander 6x World Champion Stick Fighter

@Ermar Alexander
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Who Is Master Wong?
Is the Founder of MWS - KT3 System
Master Wong is known for his popularity on Youtube as one of the most recognized Martial Artists online. With almost 2,250,000 subscribers and 260,915,456 viewers on his channel, Master Wong is the most honest and direct Master you’ll ever come across. Known for being brutally honest and funny, he’s shown the world that being fearlessly authentic brings home the most loyal fans.

Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bully from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong have over come this problem by changing his mindset which you'll read in this book.
What readers say

“This book had me from the start. I can visualise every scenario which gets me to carry on reading. It makes you
think how would you react in these situations. This book is a voice for those in a similar situation to Master Wong’s gripping content and gives confidence to people to act or
speak out. I will definitely be Recommending this Book!” Jordan Thomas
World Karate Champion

@Jordan Thomas

“A good, accessible book that captures the classic martial story of self-empowerment, anti-bullying, and helping others all wrapped up in a powerful parable. Can’t wait for the film.”
- Will Henshaw
World of Martial Arts Television

@Will Henshaw

“Training Day’ meets ‘The Matrix’ in this entertaining tale of a young man’s path to self discovery. A well-written story guaranteed to hook the reader and open their minds to the
importance of and place for Master Wong’s KT3 System. Buckle up, and hold onto your bollocks”. - Eric Douglas, BroadbandTV

@Eric Douglas

“This book will give you a whole new perspective to life and show you how you can take and disadvantage situation
and change it around.
Not like any other personal development book out there,
all life lesson portrayed through a captivating story. Best book I’ve read this year!”
Eric Ho - International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.

@Eric Ho

“I’ve always liked storytelling in its efficacy as a teaching tool; this is an enjoyable and entertaining read with deep
insight into the martial arts made available and relatable to individuals at all levels of their training.” - Dr. Jon Xue Zhang

@Jon Xue Zhang